Time is money, and you want your money to be invested in Eco-friendly and efficient components for your home or business. Allegro group strives to match economical solutions with simplicity in installation.


We want to keep you powered up, comfortable and secure on your premises, whether it be commercial or residential. We also provide the essential maintenance needed to keep you running at one hundred percent all the time.


Our group is divided into four main services- Electrical, Heating and Cooling, Security and Facility Maintenance. Each of our services offers optimal solutions for your commercial and residential requirements.


From residential and commercial, to unit developments and retail fit outs- we have what you’re looking for to take your space to the next level. We can help you save money while still implementing top-of-the-range products. After all, in this economy being cost-effective but cutting edge is what it’s all about.


Allegro Group’s exceptional staff believe in consistently producing work of unrivalled quality that will reflect each client in the best possible way. We also strive to provide services at competitive prices, dealing with only the highest range of brands, and complement our product with exceptional facility maintenance. It is not enough for us to just suit up our clients with the top of the range equipment- we want to make sure they’re kept in optimal condition at all times.


Let us help you ease into Melbourne living with our prime services!